Ça fait maintenant près d’un an que la pandémie a changé nos vie et il n’est désormais plus possible de rencontrer quelqu’un à un café, dans la rue ou dans un bar. Comme 60% des 20–34 ans qui vivent seuls au Canada, je suis célibataire et pour la première fois de ma vie, je me sens seul.

Mes seuls interactions sociales sont avec mes (remote) coworkers. Comme ils ne sont pas une option, en tant que millennial ça m’a paru normal de commencer à faire des rencontre via les apps de dating.

Après avoir passé pas mal de temps à…

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So you followed my previous article and improved your dating profile (shameless self-promo 😉) and received matches on your app, but now what?

Having a conversation with someone you just matched with and whose only information you have about is what’s in their online profile can be challenging. That’s why in this article I’ll give some tips on how to engage with your matches and go on great dates!

Read your match’s profile

This might be obvious, but nonetheless very important: read the profile of your match, don’t just look at their first photo. You don’t need to spend 20 minutes analyzing their profile…

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Edit 20/01/21: update tutorial for React Native 0.63.4

While working on Peel, we quickly realized we needed to be able to set up multiple targets for the same React Native project. There’s several big advantages to doing that:

  • Store your environment variables in separate files
  • Multiple instances of your app with different environments can be installed on the same phone (with different bundle identifiers)
  • No need to add extra-logic to swap between API urls, constants, keys etc.

There’s some great articles describing how to do that on React Native, but all the ones I could find were written a few…

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Online dating is becoming more and more common. While there was only a handful of platforms available just a few years back, we now have dozens of websites and mobile applications dedicated to finding potential partners.

It is relatively easy to create a profile, yet standing out from the crowd can be challenging. I myself made the experience, you can read more about it in this article. Today, I’ll cut right through the chase and give you some tips on how to stand out, based on what I feel helped me improve my profile.

Before we start, I’d like to…

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It’s through parties that I’ve met most of the women I got intimate with. I’ve never been a big player, but during the times I was single I’d go out on the week-end with my friends and meet girls in clubs. Occasionally, I’d click with someone and if things went well we would continue to spend the night together. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a Casanova and more than a few times things didn’t work out and I’d come back home on my own. But I was happy about this life style. I was in my early twenties and…

Organising a meeting is easy… right? You find a self-explanatory title for it, pick a date and time, say Wednesday 4pm and invite all the colleagues you want. Done.
Well… Not really. Natalie has a business meeting she cannot postpone at 4pm, George works half-time and Lucas is not available on Wednesday afternoon. So you pick a different time and day; Thursday 10pm. Everyone is free, great! Well… Not really — again. You need a room to host everyone, but the software your company uses to manage them tells you they are all booked out. Sigh!

This is the problem…

Maxime Julian

Passionate about web and mobile programming 🤓 Currently working on https://peel.dating

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